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Official Court Filing Seeks to Have Lorance Convictions Thrown Out


On Dec 18th 2018, attorneys for 1LT Clint Lorance filed a habeas corpus petition in a federal district court in Kansas seeking disapproval of the convictions and sentence in his court martial for attempted murder and double murder. Lorance has been in prison the last five years for killing "civilians" even though fingerprint and DNA proves alleged Afghan civilians were bomb makers.


Lorance's lawsuit can be viewed below, as well as a press release providing a summary.

Quick Facts of the Case

  • FACT 1: Lorance never fired his rifle, but gave the order to fire to protect his soldiers after a paratrooper saw three Afghan men on a single motorcycle speeding at the Platoon's patrol through a minefield. ​

  • FACT 2: The Army claimed the riders were civilian casualties, but fingerprint and DNA evidence shows they left their prints and DNA on improvised explosive devices, which the prosecution did not disclose.​

  • FACT 3: The prosecution did not disclose an Army Report that concluded Lorance's platoon was being scouted for an impending attack or ambush and that at least one insurgent was killed.

  • FACT 4: Nine soldiers were initially accused of murder, but given immunity and ordered to cooperate against Lorance.

For more about Clint's attorneys visit

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