Imprisoned, But Not Guilty

TODAY Is Your Chance to Take Action! 

1LT Clint Lorance has been in prison the last five years for killing "civilians" even though DNA evidence proves those killed were enemy combatants.


While politics play out, Clint is losing time with his family he can never get back. Please donate to help us win the fight to restore his freedom!

URGENT: Matching Donations up to $10,000 now through November 27th! 


Please help us reach our goal. Your donations are 100% tax deductible.

Learn More About Clint's Case

FACT 1: Clint was wrongfully accused after making the right call.

FACT 2: Clint ordered one of his U.S. Paratroopers to fire on what, in Afghanistan, is considered a clear and present threat to the safety of U.S. personnel - three Taliban riding on a motorcycle.

FACT 3:  One of Clint's U.S. Paratroopers killed two of the three Taliban, the third escaped. This initial action disrupted what was to be what the U.S. Army claimed would have been an "ambush/attack" on Clint's Paratroopers.

FACT 4However, instead of being commended for making the right call, based upon all three of the Taliban on the motorcycle being mistakenly identified as "civilians," Clint was held accountable for two counts of "murder' and one count of "attempted murder."




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