War Hero Charged With Premeditated Murder

He Did His Job, Now He's Facing the Death Penalty!

On Dec. 13th, 2018, almost a decade after the original incident, Maj. Golsteyn was charged with the alleged murder of a Taliban bomb-maker, despite previous conclusions such accusations are unfounded and no clear evidence exists. 

The Taliban bomb-maker was responsible for the deaths of at least 2 U.S. Marines in Marjah, Afghanistan. 

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  • Matt is a graduate of the prestigious United States Military Academy at West Point

  • He was a member of the 3rd Special Forces Group of Fort Bragg. 

  • Golsteyn was awarded the Silver Star for “displaying heroic behavior and valor” by repeatedly exposing himself to direct enemy fire and personally neutralizing multiple enemy positions during “four grueling hours of heavy combat with a determined force.”

  • Golsteyn was arbitrarily stripped of his Silver Star and his Special Forces tab during the investigation without any due process rights

  • Golsteyn believes any accusation by the U.S. Army is a mis-characterization of combat actions as murder, and his lawyer had previously stated these were exaggerated claims with narratives that had been “taken out of context.”

  • A prior conclusion of an Army Board of Inquiry determined that no clear evidence of any violation of the rules of engagement during Major Golsteyn’s 2010 deployment existed.  

  • A previous probe into Golsteyn’s actions was closed.

  • Almost 9 years later he is being charged with premeditated murder. 



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