Dear Fellow American,

Are members of our military second-class citizens? I hope you said “NO” to that.

Gunnery Sergent Josh Negron, Gunnery Sergent Danny Draher, and Chief Petty Officer Eric Gilmet are being railroaded into unjust court-martials –- despite doing the right thing when no one else would!


If you believe in equal justice for our military men and women, I urgently need you to sign this Presidential Pardon Petition for the MARSOC 3 today. The miscarriage of justice that’s being inflicted on the MARSOC 3 -- right now -- is intolerable.

Steadfast and loyal,

LTC Allen West


Whereas, Gunnery Sergeant Josh Negron, Gunnery Sergeant Danny Draher, and Chief Petty Officer Eric Gilmet were assaulted by a contractor in Erbil, Iraq; and;

Whereas, the Marine Raiders acted with total professionalism, tried to defuse the situation, and rendered aid to the contractor after his attacks had been neutralized; and,


Whereas, the command has poisoned the jury pool and made it clear that the Marine Raiders are to be PRESUMED GUILTY and not given the presumption of innocence;

Therefore, I’m signing my name below in support of John Negron, Danny Draher, Eric Gilmet and demanding that they get a fair trial untainted by their command’s hostility to them.

We Support Our Nation's Warriors