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In 2008 Colonel Michael Ross Stahlman was a senior Marine lawyer working in the Anbar province with a unit tasked with rebuilding the war-torn country's police and court system.  Part of Stahlman's job included conducting criminal investigations in corruption cases that involved American soldiers and contractors. 


On July 31, 2008, Colonel Stahlman did not appear for a scheduled convoy.  A Sergeant sent to retrieve him found the door to his barracks room at Camp Ramadi, Iraq to be unlocked.  When the Sergeant entered, he found Colonel Stahlman lying in bed with a gunshot wound to the left side of his head.  He was evacuated by air for emergency treatment, and later moved to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center where he died on October 5, 2008.  At the time of his passing in 2008, Colonel Stahlman was one of the highest-ranking officers to die in the Iraq war.  

When Colonel Stahlman's wife, Kimberly, received the news of the shooting, the first thing that stood out to her was the fact that Stahlman was not left handed. 

A customary NCIS investigation was performed into Mike's shooting. The initial investigation stated the wound was self-inflicted. However, a thorough and detailed forensic investigation has since proven conclusively that Colonel Stahlman was shot by someone else.


United American Patiot's (UAP) supports, through a thorough and complete investigation of all available evidence and proper litigation, Colonel Stahlman's death certificate accurately reflecting his cause of his death.

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