President Trump is fulfilling his promise to uphold justice for our Warriors!

Breaking news: President Trump is fulfilling his promise to uphold justice for our Warriors!

Justice will finally be served.

United American Patriots (UAP) is honored to announce President Trump will take "imminent" action on the cases of three former U.S. military service members accused of war crimes, as reported by Fox News' Pete Hegseth on Monday.

We expect an announcement from the President by Veteran's Day, November 11, 2019, with specific details regarding the actions he will take to positively impact these three Warriors' lives.

We anticipate, the President, as the Commander-in-Chief of our Nation's Armed Forces, will take the following actions:

In the case of 1LT Clint Lorance, the officer who was convicted of double “murder” and attempt of “murder" for ordering his Paratroopers to fire on confirmed enemy combatant bombmakers, consistent with the Rules of Engagement (ROEs), who were riding toward 1LT Lorance's patrol as part of what an Army Significant Activity (SIGACT) report claimed was an "attack/ambush," the President might disapprove the findings and the sentence of Clint's court-martial. This would not only release Clint from prison and erase his convictions and sentence, but also will also restore his Veterans Administration (VA) benefits and set conditions to restore him to active duty with back-pay.

In the case of MAJ Matt Golsteyn, the officer who publicly acknowledged ambushing an enemy combatant intent on harming others and, as a result, was accused of "murder," the President might assume jurisdiction of the case and dismiss the charges with prejudice, meaning they can never be brought again.

This would end the nearly decade’s long case which has been hanging over MAJ Golsteyn's head, return MAJ Golsteyn's "Special Forces" tab and return his Silver Star or upgrade it to the Distinguished Service Cross as was the intent before MAJ Golsteyn having these wrongful charges filed against him by Army prosecutors.

The President of the United States has the ability to exercise the authorities vested in him

pursuant to Article II of the Constitution and the authorities vested in him as a General Court-Martial Convening Authority pursuant to the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) to not only grant a pardon but also able to disapprove the findings and sentences when he deems appropriate.

There is a long precedent of U.S. Presidents taking decisive actions in face of what they perceived as unjust charges and convictions to include military court martial convictions See Figure 1.

Figure 1. History of Pardons, Communes and Disapproval of Findings and sentence by U.S. Presidents.

President Abraham Lincoln was known to spend hours upon hours pacing the floors of the White House lamenting military convictions. During his Presidency, President Lincoln reviewed over 1,600 cases of Military Justice.

David R. Locke, a journalist and humorist observed: “No man on earth hated blood as Lincoln did, and he seized eagerly upon any excuse to pardon a man when the charge could possibly justify it. The generals always wanted an execution carried out before it could possibly be brought before the President (2002-2019 The Lehrman Institute).”

President Lincoln took Pardons a step further and exercised his authority as Commander-in-Chief and disapproved the sentence and findings of the Court-Martials. He was known to write notes stating that he disapproved of the sentence and findings. He would directly change the outcome of the court-martial and would send the Soldiers back to their unit or home.

The drafters of the Constitution foresaw the need for a President to apply disapproval authority as part of separation of powers and check and balances, especially where the Constitution was largely absent without leave in combat murder courts-martial.

Thanks in large part to the hundreds of thousands of citizens who, through United American Patriots (, together we have helped raise awareness on behalf of, and provided funding for the legal defense of, Army Airborne First Lieutenant Clint Lorance, Special Forces Major Matthew Golsteyn, and Navy SEAL Chief Eddie Gallagher over the past several years, these American Heroes will soon have their names cleared and have their honor restored.

UAP is a non-profit organization which informs the President, the Congress, and the American Public; funds legal representation; and provides reintegration support for America's Warriors who have been wrongfully accused and unjustly convicted of "war crimes." We can only accomplish this through dedicated support of Patriotic Americans, Thank you!

For more information about the Presidential actions please continue following us on our website and social media

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