Coast to Coast: Raider Ride 2020

Updated: May 18

Team UAP, Thank you for your continued support to our Nation's Warriors.  As you know, We have taken on a time-sensitive new case involving three Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC) Raiders, who are each being threatened with decades in prison based upon inappropriate allegation by overzealous military prosecutors and a career-minded general. As more information comes to light about this case, we learn more and more how great the injustice these elite Warriors are facing: --- overzealous military prosecutors are inappropriately “overcharging” three honest men. --- a Commanding General has turned his back on his own Warriors and is ignoring the Constitution by assuming guilt!  --- Worst of all, the three Raiders were libeled in official communications which eliminated their presumption of innocence and the possibility of a fair trial. The Commanding General is using Unlawful Command Influence (UCI) to make sure everyone believes these Warriors are guilty BEFORE there has even been a trial! Despite the entire incident being recorded on video which unambiguously shows the Raiders acted in the right way, the overzealous military prosecutors and a career-minded general choose to pursue the case... However, a fellow brother-in-arms, Aaron, an honorably discharged Marine Raider and Marine Scout Sniper is standing up for what is right.  UAP and Brothers in Arms Foundation are supporting Aaron who intends to ride a bicycle for 2700 MILES from the WEST COAST to the EAST COAST to draw National Attention to this injustice.  

Aaron will begin his ride on a pier in San Diego, CA the day after Memorial Day and plans on arriving at a pier in Wilmington, NC around Independence Day. 

Please watch below video to hear directly from Aaron about why he doing this.


Read a post by Aaron about his ride

Read a letter from the Gold Star spouse of one of these Warriors


Fight for the truth. Read and share this article, "What a Warrior Would Do" on Social Media

Expose the truth. Save lives. Contact your Representative. You can find their info here




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