What Does Lady Justice of Marine Raiders Represent?


Art by Ben Cantwell at https://bencantwellart.com/

She is a warrior, but she is still Lady Justice. She does not require a helmet and vest like those she protects. Her instrument of war is a rifle rather than a sword to reflect the modern time. Her scale is unbalanced, and her clothing is tattered because she continues to fight to obtain equal justice for all. The civilian and military justice systems are flawed, so until she can balance her scale, she fights for those not heard. Lady Justice is currently in a fight for the truth in the case of the MARSOC 3. For them, she wears the Garmin GPS to keep her on heading and the Southern Cross constellation to represent her back up for navigating to the truth. The Raider patch is the symbol of past Marines that used the Southern Cross to navigate the Pacific during WW2, Reconnaissance units, and the Marines Raiders of today. For more information and to donate, visit www.uap.org/donate. United American Patriots is a non-profit organization that generates public awareness, funds legal representation, and provides functional support for our Nation’s Warriors via patriotic contributions. Support or connect with the MARSOC 3 on Facebook and Twitter @born2serve and @uapatriots. Search #justiceformarineraiders for updates.

Ben Cantwell Art will be donating a portion of profits to United American Patriots to further this cause. Thank you for your support.



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