Respected military investigative journalist, Nick Coffman, joins UAP

United American Patriots is proud to announce that former United States Marine and respected military investigative journalist, Nick Coffman, has joined our organization on a permanent basis to help us fight for justice for our Warriors.

Nick has been covering high-profile military cases since 2016, and now he is bringing his passion for defending our Defenders to a new level with UAP.

As a former Marine, Nick began his career in journalism by covering the MARSOC Fox Company case where seven Marine Corps Operators were falsely accused of indiscriminately killing Afghan women and children. But that awful accusation was proven to be absolutely false during a 2008 Court of Inquiry.

L-R: Danny Draher, Nick Coffman, Josh Negron, Eric Gilmet

Still, for more than 10 years, the lies spread by military leaders and lazy news outlets cast doubt on their innocence. Many news outlets still, in spite of the fact that the men were cleared of all charges in court, reported that they had gotten away with murder.

After gaining access to hundreds of pages of newly declassified court documents, Nick began to expose the truth about what actually took place...including corrupt military leaders publicly and falsely accusing the innocent Marines before the initial investigation was even complete, the destruction of evidence, and the scare tactics from NCIS to silence witnesses!

Did those corrupt military leaders ever set the record straight and apologize for their despicable actions? No.

Thanks to the work that Nick did to shine a light on the truth, those innocent Marines -- the MARSOC 7 as they're called -- finally were exonerated by the Marine Corps after a decade of being unable to continue their military careers and struggling to find jobs because of the misinformation about them on the Internet.

Currently, Nick is fighting for all of our Warriors -- including the MARSOC 3 who have been overcharged for what video evidence proves was a matter of self-defense.

Be on the lookout for EXCLUSIVE investigative articles on the UAP Blog as Nick brings his hard-hitting brand of journalism to our site.

Will you join Nick in supporting our Warriors?



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