UAP to Sponsor FIRST EVER Congressional Delegation to visit Leavenworth

UAP is making history with the Justice for Warriors Caucus.   Next month, we are sponsoring the FIRST EVER Congressional delegation to visit Fort Leavenworth and see firsthand the injustices our Warriors are facing.  This event will spark national attention and will be a huge step in securing justice and freedom for our Warriors.  But, the truth is, the future of our Warriors lies in your hands! We need every loyal UAP supporter like you to write a letter to your Congressman and tell them that you want them to attend this historic trip.

Not sure who your Representative is? Click here:

I’ve even drafted a quick message that you can copy and send directly to them.

Dear Congressman / Congresswoman (NAME), Right now, several of our Servicemembers who deployed to combat to fight for our Rights and Freedoms were railroaded by the military justice system and are sitting behind bars in Fort Leavenworth, KS.   These men risked their lives for our country, and instead of being praised as Heroes, they’re being treated like enemy combatants.  United American Patriots is a non-profit organization that is helping these Warriors fight the prosecutorial misconduct and unlawful command influence that unjustly put them behind bars. And, as you may have heard, UAP supported Congress in the creation of a caucus that brings awareness to the injustices these Warriors are facing – the Justice for Warriors Caucus. One of the Warriors UAP supports, SGT Derrick Miller, is currently working on Capitol Hill supporting this effort.  Next month, UAP is sending a Congressional delegation to Fort Leavenworth to see these injustices firsthand. And today, I’m writing to you with two simple requests…  To join the Justice for Warriors Caucus; 

To join the delegation and visit Fort Leavenworth next month. 

As your constituent, I urge you to join the fight to help save these American heroes. 

Sincerely, (Your Name Here)

We need as many members of Congress as possible to attend this trip and join the Justice for Warriors Caucus.  So, please take a moment today to write a letter, call, or email your Representative right now.  Sincerely,

David "Bull" Gurfein LtCol, USMCR (Ret.) CEO, United American Patriots



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