UAP Independence Day Message 2019

Dear American Patriot,


On behalf of United American Patriots (, and all those who support actions to ensure our Warrior's Right's, I am relieved Chief Gallagher was exonerated of murder AND is free on this Independence Day! It was the rightful and just outcome from a military justice process which still requires serious reform.

In supporting over 30 American warriors, UAP has identified quite a few alarming trends, which include the presumption of guilt, unlawful command influence (UCI), prosecutorial misconduct, abusive investigations, where exonerating evidence is ignored and only incriminating evidence is sought

The prosecutorial misconduct has become so bad, the prosecutors tend to seek convictions rather than the truth.

They withhold forensic evidence to include autopsy, fingerprints, and DNA evidence; Downplay the psychotic side-effects of anti-malarial drugs; misrepresent to the public and Congress the facts; Use enemy combatants as witnesses: Inflate charges against potential witnesses and then give immunity to make their case; and illegally plant monitoring devices to unethically invade the attorney-client privilege and spy on American citizens.

Moreover, Convening Authorities (i.e., Generals and Admirals) completely abandon the international legal principle that civilians killed when acting in accordance with the Rules of Engagement (ROEs) in combat, while horrible, are considered "collateral damage," a terrible side-effect of war, not murder.

Although we at UAP are grateful for the jury's findings in US v. Gallagher, there is still an urgent and continued need for the protection of our Warriors' individual's Rights, i.e., the restoration of the Constitution, into military justice investigations, trials, and appeals.

As such, we will continue to fight for our Warriors who volunteer to go in harm's way and fight for us!

Very respectfully,

David "Bull" Gurfein

LtCol, USMCR (Ret.)

CEO, United American Patriots



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