UAP's Summer of Justice

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Dear Team UAP,

Thank you for your continued loyal support for UAP and our Warriors.

What a summer it was for justice!

YOU helped to give seven Warriors their lives and their freedom back:

  1. Army SGT Derrick Miller - Released from Fort Leavenworth on parole. Working on Capitol Hill as a Congressional Staffer

  2. Army 1LT Michael Behenna - Pardoned by President Trump

  3. Navy SEAL LT Jacob Portier - Charges dropped

  4. Navy SEAL LT Jason Webb - Charges dropped

  5. Navy SEAL Chief Dave Swarts - Charges dropped

  6. Navy SEAL Chief Xavier Silva - Charges dropped

  7. Navy SEAL PO1 Dan D'Ambrosio - Charges dropped

While these are HUGE victories on an individual and tactical level, which were only possible because of the generous support, prayers, and shares from patriotic folks like you, we have also seen major developments on the strategic level which are a direct reflection of the awareness you are helping to provide to your eleceted Representatives. For example:

  • JUSTICE FOR WARRIORS CAUCUS - Thanks to your involvement, pressure, and assistance in raising awareness with Congress. Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) and Rep Duncan Hunter (R-CA) created the Justice for Warriors Caucus. This group of Congressmen will help address the legal and political challenges our Warriors face, starting with a trip to Ft. Leavenworth to meet our four unjustly incarcerated Warriors (Lorance, Hatley, Gibbs, and Bales) later this month.

  • SECRETARY OF THE NAVY'S INVESTIGATION - In light of the developments above and some of the improper actions perpetrated by the Navy JAG Corps when prosecuting various recent cases, the Secretary of the Navy has directed an investigation into the actions of the entire Navy’s and the Marine Corps’ justice systems, this includes the JAG Corps (i.e. Attorneys) and the Investigators.

What you have been able to accomplish, by providing funding for each individual Warriors legal defense as well as elevating the level of awareness to the President, Congress, the Secretary of the Navy, and others has, not only provided these seven Warriors a renewed lease on life but, given hope to the others sitting in Fort Leavenworth or awaiting trial. Most significantly:

  • Army 1LT Clint Lorance - Just started the parole process while his case is being review in Federal Court.

  • Army Special Forces MAJ Matt Golsteyn - Scheduled to go to trial in November.

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

However, while these are tremendous steps in the right direction, your team at UAP is not sitting back and resting.

We continue to press for the Secretary of the Army to conduct a similar investigation of their JAG Corps and their investigators.

We will not be satisfied until all our Warriors are confident, prior to serving in combat, if accused of wrong-doing, they will be afforded the "presumption of innocence" and, will not face unlawful command influence, prosecutor misconduct, and investigator abuse.

Your continued support, prayers, and shares are critical to seeing this effort through, while also ensuring each of our Warriors has access to the best possible legal defense if wrongfully accused and reintegration support when released.

You truly are the heart and soul of UAP, and your support means the world to our Warriors, their families, your UAP Staff, and me.

Please know how grateful I am for your friendship and support.

Semper Fi,

David "Bull" Gurfein

CEO United American Patriots, Inc.

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